A collabaration between Paulymac & Dean Franklin, the ‘Grill the Chef’ concept is the ultimate way to get close up with some of the world’s greats of the kitchen.

" If you want something more than just sitting in a restaurant waiting to be served-if you ‘want to get behind the pass’-then I highly recommend Grill the Chef. "

Peggy Brown

With an intimate setting inside Benchmarks commercial kitchen, you’ll have the privilege of eating a meal exclusively prepared and served right to you by the Chef! Over a few drinks and a few laughs, you’ll get to learn about the Chef, about what they prepared and ‘Grill them’ with any questions you have about the food, flavours, techniques and even their life in & out of the kitchen.

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The Grill the Chef events are Extremely limited seating – BE QUICK to secure your seats and dont miss-out on these once in a lifetime experiences.

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~ A Sample Gallery ~

In this small teaser, you’ll see Matt Kemp, Tony Bilson & Anna Polyviou .