What is ‘FAT MERINGUE’ ? 
Great question!

We handmade an Italian meringue, with all natural ingredients and then bake low and slow.
They come out naturally hollow, so we fill this with dairy cream & vanilla beans.

The cool part about this is that we use a nitrous oxide (laughing gas) cream gun that forces the cream inside the sweet, sweet meringue.

Once we’re full, we add a handmade natural fruit gel, chocolate ganache or caramel twice, once in a generous squirt on top and then in an injectable food safe 5ml syringe, to get the flavor right in the centre, and we’ve not finished yet, every dessert need contrast in flavor and texture so we make a crumble or soil to match, seasonal local fruits and finish with handpicked sweet herbs or edible flowers.

It’s unique and doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth, each one is different. It’s Australia’s national dessert, just better.

Have a ‘FAT MERINGUE’ Wedding!

Your wedding day is truly special & you’ll remember details your whole life, we know that and we believe the perfect way to round off your wedding celebrations is with Fat Meringue.

We’re a tiny dessert trailer that been getting an amazing response wherever we go, we’ve looked after foodies at Pyrmont growers markets, Blacktown, Penrith & Marsden park Aussie night markets, Cast off festival, Toast the coast and loads of private events from Sydney to Newcastle.

Our head meringue dude is Paulymac, a French trained pastry chef, whose had stints in Michelin & hatted restaurants all over the world, he now runs a food consultancy and has some of NSW’s finest establishments as his clients.

We’re a company based on values, we only use products we think are awesome, but we like to shop locally & we like to support our community. So ingredients come via our expert pickers based here on the central coast, & we’ve forged relationships with organics growers so we can choose the best produce, wisely without excessive food miles, we grow our own sweet baby dessert herbs & we can custom write a dessert menu to reflect you.

Food truck

Our Fat Meringue food trailer will come to you & we’ll look after you & your guest, we’ll write a menu for you and it can reflect your character, we can even match the desserts to your colour scheme . We make every Fat meringue individually in front of your guests with flourish & pizzazz and our staff are knowledgeable & experts in what they do. We can also cater for almost any dietary requirements.

We’d help you choose a menu & a time frame and then we’ll look after the rest

2 hour package – Min spend $1500
Fat meringues $12.50 each

Customised kisses

Our range of customizable meringue kisses are unique in that each one can have a message inside to your guests, we handmade them and roll a tiny note inside a fully edible baby meringue kiss, customized to your flavour & colour specifications. Think how your guests would react to a fully personalized message to them, on their table inside a meringue kiss.

Customized kissed $4 each – Min spend $400
Delivery cost occurs

MYO Fat meringue

Just like the Fatmeringue food truck, but we’ll delivery everything to your venue, your menu written by our chefs and you & your guests put it together yourself. Three wonderful bespoke flavours from our ever expanding range, to include gels, crumbles, fresh fruits, cream guns & handpicked garnishes. We’ll set it up and pick up when you’re done. Easy.

Fat meringues $10 each – Min spend $1200
Delivery cost occurs

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