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Hey internet people, well welcome along, I’m glad you’ve been able to make the decision to be here & that along indicates that you want to see a positive shift in your food business.




Firstly, let me tell you who I am not, I’m no business guru or click funnel expert, I’m no salesman, I’m not any buy in scheme or trickle down wealth or investment bullshitter. I’m a chef.

I’m not a brilliant chef, I reckon I’m pretty good, but I’m certainly not the best chef I’ve ever met. I’m fast, I’m smart & I’m consistent, I’ve always said that I’m the best sous chef you could ever have.

What I do know is how kitchens work & after 25 years around the world in Michelin starred & hatted restaurants here in Australia in I’m finally able to trust my skills in making them operate better, again & again.

I can cook, for sure. I can nail most things, but what I’ve discovered is the uneasy feeling I get in a kitchen when it’s not operating properly has turned out to be how I make a living now. I’ve turned around dozens of places, I’ve opened probably the same & not everyone makes it, we’ve pulled the plug on a couple, but always rightly so.

What has become glaringly obvious to me speaking to hundreds of operators is that people are really quite willing to go into business without knowing how it’s going to make them any money. I mean, businesses that are operational actually don’t understand the nuts and bolts of their kitchen engine.


Who am I?


Good question, and the first one you should ask. I don’t get any business if people don’t trust me, they put their financial futures in my hands. I’ve an obligation, I’m a good guy. I’m a seasoned, well rounded, honest chef with half a dozen operating businesses. I’m visible, very visible, which means I have an interest in making your business work, because if it does you tell others & that’s how I get my work.


Where you are now?


This is the first metric we need to measure; we need to calibrate & take an accurate snapshot of how your kitchen is operating. Only then can we map that against stage two, which is:


Where you’d like to be?


Look around, step outside.

What does success look like?

If it’s as simple as mapping where you are versus where you want to be.

Easy? Off you go, you may not even need me.

If this is enough then I’m happy to say my job is done, but most of the time it isn’t.

It’s really hard to be objective when you’re right in the middle of it all, you don’t have to tell me, I’ve had to do this for my own businesses.

I’ll give you a fresh pair of eyes, professional, impartial, honest eyes.


How I can get you there?


I’ll make sure that where you are and where you want to be are linked by a path of achievable & measurable steps, I won’t bullshit you, I won’t even suggest you pay me if I think I can’t help you.


What’s next?


That depends on you, take a step forward and make your kitchen operate better. Let’s schedule a call with one of our qualifiers to see if this is right for you, but first let’s get your details and some background on what you want to happen, jump onto our contact form and we’ll get right back to you. 


Original content

Hello internet, Pauly here.

We love getting around to food events and markets in our little food trailer, but I miss my restaurant food, I miss high end.

Then I thought, hold on. We’re towing this fully self sufficient little kitchen around, why can’t we do the awesome modern food we love from it. Well, as it turns out, we can.

So when you’re in the market for food that’s modern & amazing, but you’re in a field, or on a beach or practically anywhere. We can come to you & look after your every need.
Our personal chef company #hirethecef has been running successfully for years, we’ve now just gone fully mobile!

See you there.


Wedding dessert food truck

Jas and Lloyd are big kids at heart… and you can tell by all of the fun things they had at their wedding to entertain their guests, who, (turns out) are also all big kids! They had Jenga, mini Foosball, Connect 4, not to mention the dessert truck with syringes to inject raspberry sauce. We had an absolute blast hanging out with you guys, watching out for leeches in the rain forest and soaking up the amazing scenery at the beautiful Greenfield Farm Estate !

Cinematography: Love Storm Films
Venue: Greenfield Farm Estate
Celebrant: Kim McCartin Civil Celebrant
Dessert Truck: Fat meringue
Hair and make up: Kristy Ferrari Hair & Makeup
Flowers: Bella Fiore Floral Designs Australia
Styling: PHS Style Co.
Cake: Love Cake

Free consultation

Are you happy with how much your kitchen is making you? Are confident that every dish is netting you what you need? Are you in the market for a seasonal menu? Surprisingly, having a consultant chef on board may be cheaper that you imagine. We’ll deliver a menu to a tight brief, costed, tested & rolled out. Your first meeting is totally free & we’ll be honest with you, sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes on your business to spot the cracks. We’ll show you how a quick once over of your food costs may be the way to lift your net profits.

Let us get in touch

Recipe testing

Hey there, my role as a consultant often means that I write & test recipes for restaurants, bars & cafes. One of the things thats easy to miss is that often recipes that you already have don’t work commercially or even just are too difficult or expensive to produce. In our commercial kitchen we can run full diagnostic test and cost of your proposed menu so you can build your standard recipe cards, essential for your back end to be solid, so you can make a decent net profit. Of course we’re all in it for the love of food, but you have to be certain you are turning a dollar, right?

Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll get started on your recipes.

BAE Springrolls

Being the judge of the best bacon in the country has its benefits,  we use only the best AUSTRALIAN bacon and free range eggs in this completely unique & soon to be iconic Sydney favourite, only available from our pop up “BAE spring roll” trailer at Pyrmont growers market. Come on down and see what all of the fuss is about.

Market Cancelled


For 18 years the Pyrmont Growers Market was one of the most popular premium food markets in Sydney. After a brief 10 month absence, the Pyrmont Growers Market is back in business. Once again the market offers a variety of spaces where neighbours can come together to share a cup of delicious coffee and catch up on the week’s news. Don’t forget to bring your knives down for sharpening by Sabre Sharpening.


Want to kickstart your wedding planning in seven simple steps? Head along to Wedshed where you can see how amazing your wedding would look with our Fatmeringue trailer. We’ll be popping up at wedding expos all over the place, but get in quick there are only so many Saturdays left!

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