Do you run your own hospitality business?
Is your Café or Restaurant performing like a well-oiled & profitable machine that you dreamed it would be?

If not, a Paulymac ‘Health Check’ is a simple test that can help you identify quickly, the area’s of your business that you need to work on.

~ Step 1. Take the FREE Healthcheck! ~

We’ve created a checklist that you can have for free,
with our most sincere compliments to help you on this journey of business development.


~ Step 2. Ask Pauly Mac Personally! ~

A Paulymac Consult gives you the power of his wealth of experience – Have an executive chef without having to pay one!

Do you want to reboot your business, detox your kitchen, clean up your leaky losses, tighten up your expenses, straighten out your menu and…

Take your business to the next level??

After working his way around the world’s kitchens & seeing so very many businesses fail unnecessarily,
the urban myth of 9/10 kitchens failing isn’t true but it’s close.

60% of hospitality businesses will FAIL in the first 12 months due to so many different factors,

[ be aware of them before they bite you. ]

Gordon Ramsey this isn’t, this is real, this works.

4 levels of private consultation.

Level 1 & 2 – Consultation + Reports.

Level 1. Introduction

Our first level is a personal visit by one of our fully trained & insured consultants, followed by a detailed & confidential report on how your kitchen is working & a consultation with key personnel we can point you in the right direction.

(one visit, one report)

Who should book a level 1 consultation?
Every hospitality business would benefit from this, even if things are running to plan at the moment, a fresh set of eyes in this business is invaluable. If you’re a one man band, a small restaurant or café, this is for you.

Level 2. Warming up

Everything in our 1st level + One of our executive team will work a whole service in your kitchen, we’ll dissect your processes including food costing, HACCP, kitchen logistics, supplier liaison & price/product negotiation to get you the best deals possible.

$7,500 +GST
(two visits, one report)

Who should book our level 2 consultation?
If you have two of more staff, or you don’t work physically in your own kitchen you could be missing vital pieces of the puzzle, book a level 2 consultation to really get a handle on what’s happening in your kitchen.

Level 3 & 4 – Consultation + Reports + Menu Designs.

Level 3. Cooking with gas!

Everything in our 1st & 2nd level + including a seasonal menu to a brief & menu costing.

$20,000 +GST
(three visits and one report)

Who should book our level 3 consultation?
IIf you’ve been in the business a while, it’s easy to get stale & if you can’t be objective about your business, because you’re right in the eye of the storm, we can help. We can also be contracted hourly (terms apply)


Level 4. Part of the family!

Everything in our 1st & 2nd & 3rd level, a costed menu to a brief & two days staff training on your new menu for you and your team.

call for quote

(mutually arranged visits)

Who should book our level 4 consultation?
If you are new to the franchise game, or head a team of four or more, then this is the program you need to get on board with, this level of service is like having an executive chef on call without the six figure salary that goes with it.

" Paul is a fun, lively and passionate person to be around. He is a consummate professional AND a great chef. He has a genuine desire to help people achieve their ambitions in the kitchen and in life. I can highly recommend his food, his consulting capability and his friendship! "

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